Adaptive Education

Empowering Your Education With AI and Machine Learning

What is Adaptive Education?

Personalized Learning For All

A test prep and study tool for math that responds in real-time to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, Adaptive Education is a learning ecosystem for the 21st century.

Proprietary Machine Learning Engine

Using a proprietary machine learning engine, the Adaptive Education platform creates a study program matched to each user’s unique profile. Programs update dynamically in line with a student’s progress, so learning time is always spent where it is needed most.

Whether prepping for college admissions tests, training for various math competitions/Olympiads, or simply striving for the top grades in class, Adaptive Education is the tool for learning acceleration.

How Does Adaptive Education Work?

The Adaptive Education platform works using a continuous feedback loop. Every time a student engages with the platform, their performance is tracked and evaluated. On the basis of that data, the platform identifies the student’s weak spots and generates content that will lead to improvement in those areas.

Thanks to Adaptive Education’s unique machine learning engine, this process is entirely automated. As a result, users of the platform are empowered to learn independently and organically at a pace that is right for them.

The personalized nature of the platform means better student test scores and academic performance are guaranteed.

Why Adaptive Education?

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A next-generation study and test prep tool for mathematics, Adaptive Education brings together the latest advances in artificial intelligence and remote learning. Fully online and accessible from anywhere, the platform democratizes access to personalized education.

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For a fraction of the cost of personal tutors, platform users receive a study course that is not only tailored to their specific needs, but which adapts in lockstep with their progress. This ensures a structured learning experience in which students, parents, and educators can have complete confidence.

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The Adaptive Education platform is suitable for both independent learners and as a tool to be used alongside traditional classroom instruction.

About Us

The mission of Adaptive Education is to leverage emerging technologies to reimagine the learning experience. Through innovation in teaching, we believe we can make incredible strides forward in how the world learns, and in the process help students everywhere reach their full potential.


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The Unique Adaptive Education Formula

The Adaptive Education platform creates personalized, auto-updating study programs by applying machine learning to a range of live data source including:

  • Student performance while using the platform
  • School curriculum data
  • Student test scores
  • School-specific and standardized test papers

Adaptive Education


Ace your college admissions tests. We guarantee an improvement in your score

Olympiads and Competition

Ace your college admissions tests. We guarantee an improvement in your score

Continuous Learning

Ace your college admissions tests. We guarantee an improvement in your score